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Welcome to Scratchy

Scratchy is an Apache Web Server log parser and HTML report generator written in Python.

Scratchy was created by Phil Schwartz

Please see the Help Wanted page to see how you can contribute.

Latest version is 0.8.0

After a long hiatus, Scratchy v0.8 is now available.

Version 0.8.0 is a significant rewrite and change in direction. As such, all data and reports created with prior versions of Scratchy are no longer supported. That is, you will need to reparse your Apache log files with 0.8 (or greater). There is no way to migrate data created with 0.6.9 (or prior) to the new format, mainly because the current release creates and relies on data that was not stored in prior releases. I hope that this caveat is only a minor inconvenience to existing Scratchy users.

Additionally, Scratchy now replaces many of the custom data structures (which were difficult to maintain and add functionality to) in favor of a SQL database for storage. Currently, Scratchy uses either MySQL (versions >= 4.0.13) or SQLite.

NOTE: SQLite is not fully supported - do not use it yet

Additional databases may be supported in the future if I receive requests for specific database support (and Python API's are freely available for them). Please see the choosing a supported SQL database for more information.

Once your config files are created/updated to use the database of your choice you will need to run the script.

Please see the release notes for more information.

Additionally, there is now a Getting Started Guide that is a brief introduction to obtaining, installing and customizing Scratchy and it's dependencies.









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