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Release notes

Version Changes
  • Migration from pickled dictionaries to SQL database (MySQL)  
  • Deprecated gdchart in favor of ChartDirector $nbsp;
  • Deprecated http country lookups in favor of GeoIP API  
  • Code optimizations  
  • Additional user agents  
  • Major version change - the pre 0.8 data is no longer supported. You must re-parse all logs. Sorry.
  • 0.6.9 Added more browsers
    0.6.8 Added more browsers and robots
    0.6.7 Fixed bug that prevented the countries chart from being created
  • Summary optimization-- summary info is now kept in separate files (i.e. 072003.sum) for quicker retrieval. Migration occurs automatically.  
  • Fixed bug in prefs when handling paths for Windows (C:....)
  • 0.6.5 Fixed bug when COUNTRY_CACHE was set to 0.
    0.6.4 added config options for sorting some tables/charts by pages, hits or bandwidth.
  • Multiple log files can now be parsed by specifying them in the config file ACCESS_LOG or on the command line with the -f (or --file) flag.  
  • additional file types added  
  • fixed chart rendering bug when MAX_x was set to 0
  • 0.6.2 Added EXCLUDE_SEARCH_TERMS config option
  • Added COUNTRY_DB_URL config option  
  • Modified misc/template_report country chart/table layout
  • 0.6.0  
  • Added country name lookup support  
  • Added country chart and table  
  • Added COUNTRY_CACHE config file option (please read the important note).  
  • Code cleanup. Created a FileBase class that file_tracker, dns_cache all derive from. and country_cache
  • 0.5.8 template files are now configurable (TEMPLATE_SUMMARY)
    0.5.7 Each chart can be disabled (default is enabled)
    0.5.6 Added accessed files table
  • Added CHARSET_ENCODING to config.  
  • Added additional file types (swf, ra, pdf, php)  
  • Addressed issue with ylabel_density in chart output  
  • Added additional browsers, robots and search engines
  • 0.5.4  
  • Added some additional search engines  
  • Added additional robot (Alexa)  
  • Fixed daily chart display if days > 25  
  • Fixed report since it was ignoring preferences for search phrases/keywords
  • 0.5.3 Erroneously reporting "Unix" as operating system for all X11 derivatives.
    0.5.2 Fixed bug in creating summary when gdchart was not installed.
  • Added config file option for CHART_HEIGHT  
  • Catches chart draw() exceptions  
  • makedirs no longer produces information if dirs already exist  
  • Added /usr/bin/env python to and  
  • File types are truncated to atmost 10 chars.
  • 0.5.0  
  • Scratchy now produces charts using gdchart (see Docs page for more information).  
  • Summary page is now produced to show all months at a glace.
  • To do:

  • Update screenshots to reflect latest version.