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To manually create a report you invoke the script as such:

$ python --month=11


$ python -m 11

This instructs the report for November of this current year to be re-created. If you wish to specify a different year you do so as such:

$ python --month=11 --year=2001


$ python -m 11 -y 2001

The above example will re-create the report for November, 2001 (assuming you have already parsed data for this timeframe)

All of the previous examples use the default config file, this may not be what you desire. Similar to, you can specify an alternate config file to be used:

$ python --month=11 --year=2001 --config=config_black


$ python -m 11 -y 2001 -c config_black

The example above re-creates the report using the config_black config file.