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Help Wanted

I can be contacted at the following email address if you wish to provide any of the following items

Thank you for your support.


To ensure that Scratchy reports as many search engines, robots, browsers and operating systems I need some access_log samples of data that is not currently being reported accurately. For instance, if a search engine isn't known the hit will be reported as an external redirect but the search information will be lost. So if you have some access_log data that contains information that is not being recorded correctly, please send it to me at the above address. Please provide just the specific line(s) rather than entire log files.

You can refer to the file modules/ to see which search engines are currently recognized. The file modules/ contains information about the robots, browsers and operating systems that are reported.

Color schemes

If you are using a config file with different color schemes than the default (config) please send them to me. I would like to include some alternate, user-contributed, config files with an upcoming release. If I find one that is incredible, it may become the default.


Currently, Scratchy produces the main report based on the file misc/report_template. It's a very simple file which contains some tags that get replaced as the report is built. These tags look something like this %% DAY_OF_WEEK_TABLE %% which instructs to substitute the actual day of the week html table with this tag. Similar tags exist for all other tables and charts. By changing the surrounding html, the appearance and layout of the page can be modified.

I'd like the add the ability to have different report layouts and allow the user to switch between them (i.e. have multiple report_templates in the misc directory). Since I don't have a lot of time to devote to this effort I would certainly appreciate the contributions of others.